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“The thing I love most about Ida crown is how caring the teachers are for their students. They will do anything in order to help their students succeed. I know I can always count on my teachers and it’s an exceptionally good feeling to know that they are always looking out for me and want the best for me. The relationship’s that I have established with my teachers will always hold a place in my heart.” – Alexandra Schreiber ’22

“I love the way teachers at ICJA care about each and every student. They go above and beyond what it means to educate, catering to every student’s specific needs. I know that the relationships I’ve formed with my teachers will enable me to come visit their classroom at any time in the future, whether it be for a quick question or just to catch up.” – Hannah Rothner ’22

“I love that I got the chance to not only grow academically but also the chance to grow as a person and a leader. Because of this, I know that I will be able to thrive in the modern world. I love that my teachers and friends were always there to support everything that I did.” – David Gaffen ‘22

While it’s true that we offer a dual curriculum, our mission is one in the same: to inspire our students to become bnei and bnot Torah who have the knowledge, courage, strength of character and passion to thrive in an increasingly complicated modern world.

We do this in the classroom by giving our students the knowledge they need in every course and on every level, whether it’s learning complex ideas in Chumash or Talmud, solving AP calculus problems, or studying Shakespeare.

We also do this on the sports field and in extracurricular activities, where some of the most influential experiential learning happens that guides our students to become leaders, mentors, doers and team members.

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