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Schedule for 2022

There are still a few more yeshivot with whom we have not yet finalized a date for presentations – we will add these dates when they become available and will notify the students. Additionally, there will be a virtual Israel fair this year, which will provide a great opportunity for parents to hear directly from the yeshivot; we will share information about that once it is finalized.

Lev HaTorahNovember 155th period
Bar IlanNovember 75th period
Atzmona OtzemNovember 15Breakfast
Netiv AryehNovember 10Breakfast
ReisheitNovember 36th period
Migdal HaTorahNovember 16th period
Torah V’Avodah (TVA)November 18Breakfast
Shaarei Mevaseret ZionNovember 285/6 period
OraytaNovember 165/6 period
Derech Eitz ChaimNovember 16Breakfast
Eretz HaTzviNovember 9Breakfast
HakotelDecember 12th5/6 period
Mechina Keshet YehudaDecember 14thBreakfast
ShaalvimDec 75/6 period

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