Trying Seanol

seanol_1It’s a fantasy for many people all over the world to feel and look young just like they were when they were in their youth, and for achieving this dream, people seek various products available in the market which promise miraculous outcome but end up providing none. These people usually try these products but end up being disappointed and eventually quit trying. A product which has come as a fortunate thing for such people as well as others who would love to enhance their appearance, physical strength as well as energy is Seanol. This amazing product can basically make you feel younger and healthier.

Just like its name suggests, Seanol is extracted from the seaweeds which are found deep below the sea surface which is a rich source of antioxidants. In reality, scientific studies have proven that Seanol has huge quantities of potential “polyphenol” antioxidants which can offer miraculous benefits to people who use it.

You may be wondering about the effects of the antioxidants on your body. The antioxidants are organic substances which can neutralize free radicals which are on the loose in huge scales in your bodies. It’s important to understand that free radicals are the key reason for all forms of aging symptoms both from within the body and outwards with respect to looks and appearances. Seanol supplements provide great levels of beneficial antioxidants to the body.

The advantages offered by Seanol supplements are extremely incredible. They potentially assist in maintaining the blood viscosity which tends to increase with age hence it also decreases clotting. In addition, it helps in safeguarding you from severe heart problems. It can be said that Seanol has an instrumental role to play in maintaining the blood pressure. Seanol supplements helps in reducing cholesterol which blocks the arteries thus significantly reducing the risk of heart attacks.

Seanol supplements can enhance the flow of blood hence improving blood circulation. It has also been scientifically proven that Seanol offers better sexual vigor as compared to other products in the market. It benefits individuals who want to enhance their beauty by taking away wrinkles and offering an excellent skin tone.

Seanol supplements are also amazing when it comes to combating various diseases such as kidney problems, heart diseases, cancer, autoimmune diseases, arthritis and diabetes among others.

Usage of Seanol supplements is a wonderful solution which is available for people to succeed in the battle against aging as well as other age related problems.  We would recommend taking a look at a detailed review here:


Fall Times Means Fall Photos!

ccnx_fall_imgBeing a photographer means fall is one of my favorite seasons – the amount of beautiful scenery during the transition from summer to fall is just amazing.  Plus who doesn’t love fall colors?

One of my clients that sells table linens generally likes to switch their product images around to fall colors this time of year, so I got to take some nice new shots of their cloth napkins!  Check out one of those shots to the left and let me know what you think

This is a simple example, but still captures the beauty of fall colors well in my opinion.  You can see some of my other photo’s I’ve done for them here:


If you’re not currently a fan of TPA, you may want to check that out too.  Just take a look at this collection of beatiful fall photos they have here:


Importance of Appearance for Chefs

Imagine for a moment sitting in a restaurant and seeing a guy wearing a greasy t-shirt with dried stains of ketchup and mustard on it. His jeans are faded with caked dirt. You peep into the kitchen to find out a bunch of shabby looking people preparing your food. You look up and see that they are the ones preparing all the food inside. Would you trust such a person for hygiene in food? Needless to say, appearances count!

Your clothes reflect how you treat yourself and how you want the world to view you. This is true with chefs too. In fact, a chef’s professional appearance is especially important because you physically handle the food needs of your customers. There is a high degree of trust involved. Here are some of the reasons that require you to maintain good appearance as a chef.


If you want the world, especially your customerschef uniforms to treat you professionally, you must dress like one. While a lot of people say that restaurant diners do not have the luxury to enter into the restaurant’s kitchen, but still a lot of high end restaurants prefer having their chefs look best at all times. Chefs dressed in good uniforms convey a message that professionals are on the work. At the most basic, professionalism reflects seriousness and focus and chefs dressed well can send out this message loudly and clearly.

Rank-Kitchen Morale

A well-functioning kitchen is the team effort. It involves a wide array of support that makes the culinary magic happens. A chef must know his role to run the kitchen smoothly. Chefs dressed well convey rank and helps ensure everyone that they are doing their best. In fact, a kitchen without good chef’s apparel can effectively communicate rank and establish orders.


Chef’s appearance is indispensable when it comes to establishing a restaurant’s brand. In the food industry, there is a lot of competition and modern restaurant owners have started making their master chefs the profound face of their brands. Even the hoardings and pamphlets that you see these days will have the face of the chef running the business. When professional photographers are hired for the photoshoots for marketing and promotion material, they put more focus on the total appearance of the chef to bring out the best.

Appearance of chefs is also important when making public appearances, leaving the kitchen to greet supporters or diners. Restaurant owners can use this aspect to their great advantage.

The Bottom Line

Chef uniforms and appearance must be too simple, but they can have a profound impact on psychology of diners and people who look forward to dine-in in particular restaurants. They influence the mindsets of people on how they see you and your kitchen.

Calling a good photographer to design your restaurant’s branding and marketing material can also be a good step towards success. A good photographer can totally change the appearance of your chefs with his/her’s photographic skills. They know the right skills and techniques to make anyone look convincing and presenting.



Reducing Camera Shakes That Can Make Your Pictures Blurred

cameraholdingIt is always disappointing to see a blurred photo of an amazing one time moment that you clicked. If you are a mover and shaker when taking pictures, then you need some particular tips that can help you prevent taking those blurred pictures. It is normal to twist, turn, climb and jump when taking pictures, what is not normal is having shaky hands and to prevent them you can follow the below given tips. The following given 6 tips will help you reduce camera shake and take crisp images, no matter what is the shutter speed.

6 Techniques to Reduce Camera Shake

1. Elbows In

As much as possible, make sure you pull your elbows towards your body when clicking. Exhale before depressing the shutter. If you are working with low shutter speed or wide aperture or both, even a breath can lead to shake. Pull your elbows tight towards your body to keep them steady. You may also press your elbows into your chest to achieve greater stability.

2. Raise The Left Shoulder

If you are a right eye photographer, you will need to shift your side for this moment. Raise your left shoulder and brace your left elbow into your rib cage. For further stability, pull your right elbow firmly into your chest. Do not forget to exhale completely before using the shutter to avoid shakes.

3. Create Tripod With Your Knees

Tripod is just equipment standing on stable toes and if you haven’t invested in one yet, you can always use your knees to do the job. Create your own tripod by placing your elbow on your knee while you are in a seated position. Use other elbow for extra support.

4. Lay Down

This is one of the most common ways to avoid shakes when not using a tripod. All you need is lie flat and let the camera lens sit on the ground. The only pavement with this technique is that you will have a downward tilt and can be a challenge taking a good picture, provided you are not aiming for the pavement. You may use your fist to give your camera a greater height.

5. The Machine Gun Hold

The next and most effective technique is the machine gun hold. In this technique you stand like you are holding a machine gun. Even though this technique looks a bit awkward, a lot of photographers use it to get accurate images. Best part is that you only need to hold the position for a second or two and you can get the accurate shot.

6. Cradle It

In this technique, you have to create a kind of cradle for the camera lens placed between your shoulder and wrist. You can stabilize the hold by balancing your elbow on your knees for greater stability. Make sure you do not put too much pressure on your knees for that matter

There you have it! Follow these techniques and you can reduce the shakes while shooting. Expect to get some delicious images as these techniques will provide you with better stability and control on your shooting hand.